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GuideStream Charitable Gift Fund is incorporated to establish, promote, fund, extend and maintain the Christian faith according to the tenents of The Free Methodist Church – USA. It is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, religious and educational purposes. It is able to manage charitable funds you give, and distributes them to a variety of qualified charitable organizations, while helping you to avoid the high fees and time-consuming paperwork required to set up a family foundation.

With GuideStream Charitable Gift Fund, you make charitable contributions to your account when you desire.  Later, you or your appointed successor, if any, may recommend designations to various charities when it would be the most beneficial for them, even extending beyond your lifetime.  Earnings begin to accumulate in your account from the date of your initial gift and are available for distribution.

GuideStream Charitable Gift Fund is able to handle cash and most types of appreciated assets and distribute them to a wide variety of charitable organizations: religious, educational, medical, emergency relief, and many others.  GuideStream Charitable Gift Fund is not limited geographically.

GuideStream Charitable Gift Fund is an independent, not-for-profit organization, with its own board of directors.  Income is derived from a modest fee for its services.  A minimum $5,000 gift is required to open an account.